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The simple truth is that will always be programmers with whom the booking agents prefer to do business. These programmers are known for their integrity, their sensible negotiating skills, and their understanding that long-term relationships keep this industry strong. Such programmers have access to artists and agents that are often out-of-reach for others in the field. Joi Brown enjoys a well-earned place in the top ten percent of all such preferred programmers and is the best with whom I have ever worked.

David Fleming - Former CEO
Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
New Brunswick Cultural Center, New Brunswick, NJ
Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, TX
Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, Green Bay, WI
Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA


I have known Joi since I started working in this field and have learned a lot from her by watching her in action: she has always been incredibly professional and extremely smart and efficient about how she works – with a seemingly endless supply of patience, good humor and a high tolerance for the vagaries of working with artists (and agents!). Over the years we have worked together we have dealt with complicated matters regarding every aspect of performances, from contract to curtain, and her great positive approach and firm hand has always been a huge factor in why those problems were quickly resolved.  Anyone in our field would certainly benefit from the leadership and guidance that Joi would provide.

Jenny Palmer
Vice President
Booking Manager, Midwest & West


Joi Brown is a consummate arts professionals whom I have known and worked with for many years. She is a dynamic and experienced presenter with broad knowledge of the field and a history of programming with a commitment to mission, to creativity, to quality and to profitability.

Michael Goldberg
Director Emeritus, Wisconsin Union Theater
Director Emeritus ,Coronado Performing Arts Center


The Diavolo Project in Nebraska was one of the best professional experiences of my career due to the Joi's vision and expertise. Since then, that project has inspired Diavolo to improve the quality of our residencies with presenters nationwide. I trust Joi's abilities completely and have full confidence in any project that she creates and manages and would work with her anywhere, any day, anytime.

Jacques Heim
Artistic director
Diavolo dance theater
Los Angeles


Through its partnership 4Site Programming brings together over 50 years of hands-on experience in performing arts presentation. Given the general needs of arts organizations today, this specialized expertise is certainly valuable. For the past year we worked with Joi Brown of 4Site and found this to be the case. More importantly we valued the expertise combined with the willingness to consider the programming goals of our non-typical organization, KANEKO. Here we saw the potential of 4Site manifest in research of non-conventional, cross disciplinary options that a 'cookie cutter approach' would never offer. This capacity to listen and consider individual situations is what 4Site Programming is developing. They bring their experience and skill to our evolving 21st century arts future.

Hal France
KANEKO Executive Director 2006-2012