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Programming Services
in the Performing Arts

Our Services

4Site Programming delivers no-nonsense, mission-specific guidance to unique performing arts organizations across the country with an emphasis on:  


You can count on us to see you through even the most complex events and negotiations. But before we get started, let’s chat. What’s your dream scenario? What’s practical? Who do we need to make happy, and how? We’d love the scoop before we get real:  

  • What’s your organization’s story?
  • What are you looking to achieve? 
  • What are your strengths? 
  • Who are your key players?
  • Which areas would most benefit from our support?
Evaluation & Assessment

A little conversation helps us learn a lot about your needs. Data completes the story. We’ll ask for a three-year snapshot of your programming (if you’ve got it), then generate a quantitative perspective that clarifies next steps. We look for things like:

  • How many engagements you present 
  • Your artist roster and fees; ticket prices, sales, and revenue
  • Event income vs. expense
  • Dollars directed toward promotion
Industry Research

We’re happy to do the legwork that keeps your team on top of—and ahead of—industry trends.

Conference Research and Networking
Before the booking conference season begins, 4Site conducts in-depth reviews of touring artist agencies. Our early research saves you time, so you’re free to connect face-to-face with valuable contacts at industry gatherings.

Festival Research and Networking
Keep your  travel costs down and let 4Site represent you at the conferences and festivals that best match your mission, vision, and audience. Including

  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Arts Midwest (Regional/September)
  • CINARS (International/November)
  • Arts Presenters (National/January)
  • ISPAA (International/January)
  • International Performing Arts for Youth (International/January)

Trend Tracking & B2B Communication
We’ve spent 50 years making friends. The partners of 4Site bring time-tested industry relationships to the table. We’ll navigate intricate communication channels among your performing arts peers—gathering feedback, monitoring their work, and securing your thumb’s spot on the pulse. Take advantage of bridges solidly built.

Staff & Resource Support

Mind the gap—and move beyond it. 4Site offers a boost of support for your special project, interim relief during a staff transition, booking and programming assistance, and mentoring for your growing team. We’ll customize a package just for you. Services include:

  • Calendar planning
    Let us balance touring artist availability with your venue’s schedule.
  • Presentations
    We’ll make the case for programming options to key stakeholders.
  • Routing and Consortia
    We’ll work to create favorable routing—a benefit to your venue and artists. 
  • Full contract negotiations
    From beginning to end, we’ll seal the deal.
  • Contract review
    4Site can vet your contract and recommend modifications to language.
  • Booking Advisory Sheet
    Take our cross-departmental recommendations home—we’ll provide everything you need for a smooth transition after our tenure’s up.
  • On-Call Support
    Expect the unexpected. We’re happy to help.
Community-Responsive Proposals

Successful innovation calls for a solid foundation. We’ll deliver the resources and expertise that’ll ensure a smooth festival launch, starry anniversary celebration, or fresh new concert series. Services include:

  • Project Descriptions
    We’ll make recommendations on size, scope, and structure.
  • Timeline & Budget Estimates
    How long will your project take to implement? And how much will it cost? We know. We’ve been there.
  • Asset Recommendations
    We’ll outline physical resource needs—from stages to seats—along with appropriate staff support.
  • Fundraising & Development Details
    Let us help you pitch the project to the folks who’ll fund it.
  • Project Management
    Need hands-on assistance? We’re here for you.