Offering Booking &
Programming Services
in the Performing Arts

What We Do

4Site Programming supports performing arts centers with the research, planning, and development of bookings and programming. With extensive background in fine arts, commercial programming as well as special projects and arts education, our services are ideally suited for performing arts organizations working to balance mission and fiscal responsibility. Current 4Site clients range from those requiring annual and ongoing programming support to those needing interim or temporary support for special projects or during leadership transition. 


4Site is committed to identifying performing arts opportunities for young and established organizations alike.

  • Extend programming support without adding full time staff
  • Assist existing staff to meet the current or expanding needs
  • Research or develop special projects and new initiatives

 Whatever the need, services are customized to meet it.

  • Calendar planning
  • Presentations
  • Routing and Consortia Communication
  • Full contract negotiations
  • Contract review
  • Booking Advisory Sheet
  • Timeline & Budget Estimates
  • Asset Recommendations
  • Project Management
  • On-Call Support

 Representing our clients at the following industry gatherings:

  • Edinburgh International and Festival Fringe
  • Midwest Arts Conference
  • PA Presenters Conference
  • Presenters Arts Exchange Conference
  • Canadian International Exchange for the Performing Arts 
  • Association for the Performing Arts Presenters Conference
  • International Society for Performing Arts
  • International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase